Sydney: Condemning the spate of recent attacks on Indian nationals in Victoria, cricketer Brett Lee has insisted that Australia is a safe place for Indians to visit.

Lee said he was saddened by recent violence against Indians in his country.

India-Australia relations have deteriorated badly in the wake of the racist attacks, with the killing of student Nitin Garg in Melbourne last month sparking outrage in India.

There have also been threats by Indian far-right political party Shiv Sena to the safety of Australian cricketers in Mumbai as retaliation, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Lee, who has just returned from India, insisted that both Australia and India are safe nations.

“I’ve just pretty much got off a plane back from India and I certainly haven’t had any problems. I made it very clear over there and I’ll do it here again in Australia that we are living in a wonderful country here in Australia,” Lee said in Melbourne on Wednesday.

“We welcome every person from overseas, in particular India … it is a very safe place. And likewise, when I’ve had the chance to actually go over to India, I’ve always felt very safe. I’ve never felt threatened,” he said.

Lee admitted the media outcry over the attacks had been high in India, but has urged calm and co-operation between both national governments to ease the situation.

“There has been massive media hype (in India), and what’s happened in Melbourne with the Indian students is terrible. Working with the Australian Government we have to make sure that we get the right message across,” Lee said.


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